Zigbee Interoperability with Xiaomi Devices

Standards are great. Accept when they're not. The word on the internet is certain Zigbee devices have interoperability issues with other Xiaomi Zigbee devices. I've not come against any issues yet. Maybe it's be user error, bad luck, or butt hurt Z-Wave users justifying why they've spent a small fortune on devices, or maybe it's true.

Either way, Wwalltt posed a compatibility list on Reddit, so I'm going to mirror it here for posterity.


Flashing a CC2530 + CC2591 Zigbee Module with a Raspberry Pi

I've recently been adding various Zigbee based sensors and bulbs to my Smart Home setup. I use a CC2531 with External Antenna and performance has always been adequate but I'd like to extend the range to my letter box so I can receive notifications when I receive post.

After some brief research I came across the CC2530 + CC2591 Module - similar to the CC2531 but with a built in amplifier to improve signal strength / reception.

CC2530 + CC2591 Zigbee Module 
This blog post will just cover the basics of connecting the Zigbee Module to the Raspberry Pi prior to flashing. For more detailed information on the flashing process, please see my previous blog post on Flashing a CC2531 Zigbee Module with a Raspberry Pi (Remember you will to download and flash the correct binary for the CC2530 + CC2591)