Zigbee Interoperability with Xiaomi Devices

Standards are great. Accept when they're not. The word on the internet is certain Zigbee devices have interoperability issues with other Xiaomi Zigbee devices. I've not come against any issues yet. Maybe it's be user error, bad luck, or butt hurt Z-Wave users justifying why they've spent a small fortune on devices, or maybe it's true.

Either way, Wwalltt posed a compatibility list on Reddit, so I'm going to mirror it here for posterity.


The following devices have been reported as being compatible with Xiaomi Zigbee devices:

  • TRÅDFRI Signal repeater
  • TRÅDFRI Wireless control outlet
  • Nue / 3A Home Twin Power Point GPO Switch 11 - model MG-AUWSR01 (reported by one user 1 - needs confirmation) 1, 2, & 3 Gang Light Switches 13 - 2018 or newer models with ZigBee 3.0 only (reported by one user 1 - needs confirmation) 
  • OSRAM/Sylvania LIGHTIFY A19 RGBW color recessed light (needs confirmation) RT Tunable White recessed light (needs confirmation) 
  • OSRAM Smart+ Outlet - model AB3257001NJ (UK & EU only) 
  • Sylvania SMART+ Plug 72922 (mostly working, but the 72922-A variant does not work) 
  • Sinopee Thermostat TH1124ZB
  • XBee Zigbee Series 2 / Series 3 modules


The following devices have been reported as being incompatible with Xiaomi Zigbee devices:

  • Centralite 3-Series Zigbee Plug (Model 3100) 
  • Centralite 3210-L Zigbee Smart Plug (same as Iris 3210) 
  • General Electric (GE) Zigbee Dimming Wall Switch 45857GE 
  • General Electric (GE) Zigbee Dimming Smart Plug 45852GE 
  • Iris 3210 Zigbee Smart Plug 
  • Ledvance RT RGBW recessed color light 
  • Orvibo Zigbee Smart Outlet
  • OSRAM/LIGHTIFY Most OSRAM ZigBee products appear to be incompatible, based on various reports 
  • PEQ 4257050-ZHACP Lamp Module 
  • Securifi Peanut Plug SmartThings Zigbee Outlet (any model) 
  • Sylvania SMART+ Plug 72922-A (but the non-"A" variant seems to work)

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