Telkom Telos ATP-1

As you may have guessed from previous posts I have a thing for phones. Recently someone on IRC going by the name of gannymac

Telos ATP-1 Phone


When it arrived I hooked it up to an ATA and tested it out. Dialling out worked fine but initially it didn't ring. On closer inspection a wire to the ringer had become detatched from the PCB so I soldered it back on and it began to work.

Unfortunatly the spring in the hookswitch has aged so doesn't  always go off hook when the handset is removed. I plan on swapping it for another microswitch soon.

Also the original sealant around the keypad and LED appears to have failed so if you end up with one of these phones and intend to use it outside, it's probably replacing with some neutral cure silicone.

Anyway, here's some more photos:

Internal PCB. Note the line connects to the LA/LB terminal at the bottom

Membrane Keyboard

The front of the ringer

The rear of the ringer. Despite its large size it's not SUPER loud - just normal loud.

The rear of the keypad. Not much to see here.

10mm LED that signals the phone is ringing

Chunky handset. Suprisingly heavy.

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