Factory Reseting a Polycom VVX 450

I recently acquired a Polycom VVX 450 off Ebay for £30, which is an absolute bargain for a modern 12 Line SIP phone with OPUS / SILK support. 

There was some risk however, it had previously been used by a VoIP provider that shares its name with a character in the Greek Alphabet and some providers lockdown the configuration to make it challenging to make them work with another provider.

Getting around these locks can occasionally involve intercepting traffic and redirecting it to your own TFTP or HTTP server, however with this phone it didn't seem to be the case.

First of all you will need to reboot the phone. To do this you will need to remove the Power Adapter or PoE cable - doing it via the menu on the phone seems to skip the necessary initialisation page. 

You will then see a couple of Polycom splash screens and then get presented with the following "Starting Application" screen. Hit Cancel immediately: 

Next you will see the following "Welcome" screen. Press and hold down 1, 3 and 5 simultaneously:

After a second or two you will be presented with a screen prompting you to enter a password. The password is the MAC address of the phone (without colons or any other separators), which is printed under a barcode on the base of the phone.

Entering it is a little fiddly as you can't see what you're typing, not even a single character at a time. The 1st soft key at the bottom allows you to swap between numbers, lower case, and upper case. All letters should be entered in uppercase.

When in number mode you can just press the relevant button on the keypad to enter that number. When you're in Uppercase mode you will have to press the key X times to select the letter. E.G for F you will need to press the 3 key 3 times. To enter N you would have to press 6 2 times.

Once you've entered the MAC address hit OK and you should see the following screens before the phone reboots:

Once the phone reboots it should be in a factory default state with the admin password set to "456"

I hope that helps! 

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