APC 940-0103 Pinout for AP9211 AP9212 AP9217 & AP9218

APC can get in the sea. Every one of their devices uses a random connector with an obscure pinout for the console port. RJ50, RJ11, 2.5mm Stereo Jack, male DB9, to name a few.

I recently aquired an AP9212 in a job lot and wanted put it to use but didn't know the network config so had to console in. Except the DB9 on the front was male, and my el cheapo USB to RS232 adapter was also male. Hmm. Anyway, some googling later I managed to find the correct pinout, which turns out is just a "normal" null modem cable


DB9 FemalePurposeDB9 Female
2Rx / Tx2
3Tx / Rx 3


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The AP9212 uses a baud rate of 2400. It also seems to be reliant on Hardware flow control so you'll need to use a decent serial adapter like a genuine FTDI.

Factory Reseting an AP9212

To reset the AP9212 I had to hold down the reset button on the Network Management module as I powered the unit up. This reset the configuration and credentials back to default.

Default Settings

Subnet Mask:
BOOTP: Disabled
Username: apc
Password: apc

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